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Corey Howell

Florida is known for producing highly skilled surfers and shredders. In this pool of names, Corey Howell is building a reputation for himself both in and out of the water. His style is quick, aggressive, and clean, which is why his favorite FiiK electric skateboard is the Street Surfer. Corey is a Ron Jon’s billboard kid, so don’t be surprised to see him rippin’ on I-95 or catching a flight at Orlando International Airport to his favorite destination in Nicaragua for Caribbean left-handers. When visiting he’ll often take some time out from surfing to help the less fortunate by handing out clothing and establishing local water filters.

At the young age of nineteen Corey has already obtained an A.A. degree and has recently enrolled at the University of North Florida. His future is looking bright as he works to obtain an Athletic Training Degree and further his education to become a Physical Therapist. Corey hopes to join the World Surf League as a rehabilitation doctor and help the pros improve their fitness levels. Instead of driving his car like most college students, he enjoys romping through the streets and sidewalks to class on a Big Daddy; getting to class has never been more stylish and quick! His cross training activities include calisthenics, plyometrics, and yoga, so it is safe to say FiiK skateboards will be added to his daily repertoire for training, balance, and stability.

In addition to being a FiiK Electric Skateboards Athlete Ambassador, Corey surfs for FLoMotion, Ron Jon Surf Shop, Hurricane Grill N Wings, Nixon, FCS, Xcel, and Globe.